A Love Letter to Facebook Paper


A Rose By Any Other Name?


Once known as the illustrious substance that is now apparently going obsolete, paper is known as the material used for writing, drawing, or printing on.

Or, at least it was. Until we met the “new Paper.”

Oh, Paper. How bold of Facebook to name you such? Alas, a rose by any other name…

Perhaps due to the chaos of feedback that occurs every time there is a Facebook update, or the introduction of a new anything , Facebook has decided to introduce a brand new application that has the potential to change the way we view content on our mobile/tablets. Paper is the answer to the tired, yet true Facebook apps that we have all grown accustomed too. It is equal parts newspaper/StumbleUpon/mobile.. It is beautiful, and intuitive; truly a remarkable feat from Facebook developers. But of course, we expected such. And since it is not a new version of a classic, Paper is being met with incredible feedback; part of Facebook’s a la cart options, “Would you like a side of paper with that?”


Sleek and concise, Paper allows you to seamlessly navigate through friend’s posts, interesting articles, LOLz, and such, with an easy, intuitive swipe. Rather than integrating a new platform for Facebook mobile, Paper serves as an additional viewing option that feels like a modern newspaper. One that happens to possess most of the capabilities of Facebook mobile. The main difference is that the majority of the content, rather than coming from your “friends,” comes from reputable news sources. Click tech, and you’ll undoubtedly get Gizmodo articles. News? CNN.

Rather than the familiar blue glow of Facebook, Paper acts as a news source that is integrated in your social network. It is intuitive (have I mentioned that?), clean, and sports a large content panel on the top, with smaller horizontally-scrolling panels on the bottom and absolutely fluid animation effects.

Will Paper be around forever? Only time will tell.. Regardless, a beautiful app such as this deserves at least one love letter; I’m happy to have satiated that need.


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