Instagram introduces Private Messaging.. Facebook loses its self-respect.. What’s Next??


Is there room for all the SOCIAL NETWORKS? 

In my not-so-humble opinion, simultaneous social sites co-existence is dependent on the fact that they each present something new to the equation. While admittedly, I am no pre-teen, I use Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook (sorry Twitter & Google+.. I will NOT apologize to you!) for various functions that I do not consider interchangeable. And ya, so maybe my brother is the number one person I snapchat with (SO MANY DOG PICS!) but there is something to be said for the fact that each of these networks offer something unique that the others do not. Or, at least they did, before Instagram had to keep trying to become Vine and Facebook and before Facebook fully evolved into paid advertising and…. just… stop! We get it. Developers at Facebook are focusing on the baby, while blatantly selling out their first born.


Yes, in my mind right now, Facebook is a hung-over sorority sister after Thursday night booze fest.  Since making the announcement that,  “businesses that rely on Facebook for promotion are going to have to pay if they want greater than 1-2 percent “seen” rates on their posts” officially, I have been a little bitter. What was once considered a great way to obtain free advertising while building a giant, engaging audience, is now well, not. This means that even if you have a fantastic, engaging social community (even one that you paid to obtain), unless you are currently* paying for Facebook posts, only 1-2% of your audience will be seeing your posts in their feed. While I understand Facebook’s desire to capitalize on being Facebook, and honestly, ya, this was bound to happen, I do find it to be a bit of a sell-out. But, hey, abandoning your morals comes pretty easy when you are simultaneously nurturing a billion dollar baby…


“For us, communication is very core,” said Kevin Systrom, founder and CEO of Instagram. “It’s not about photography necessarily.” Oh really, Kevin? It’s not? That’s funny, because I thought your whole communication model was based on.. wait for it.. communicating via PHOTOS? No? No mas? Okay, whatever you say.

Despite the non-photo base, the new private messaging will be based around the sharing of a photo. You will be able to send a photo, and an accompanying message, to up-to 15 of your followers .“The whole idea of this feature is to take moments and send them,” said Mr. Systrom. That sounds familiar…

So, How Will It Work? 


Just like Facebook messages, you’ll be able to track whomever opens your message. Then, if the recipient decides to “like” your photo, the check mark signaling that they’ve read it will turn into that familiar Instagram heart. Awh, heartz.

And don’t worry.. it’s not just like you’ll be receiving photos and videos from just anyone, you can only receive photos and videos from those people you actually follow. If someone you don’t follow does try to send you a message over Instagram direct, that message will go into a pending requests list, just like you’d see with a private Instagram profile.

How Can I Utilize Instagram Private Messaging for My Business?

Although I am less than excited about having yet another inbox, the one upside to the new Instagram private messaging is that it will allows for brands and advertisers to interact with their followers in a new way, by encouraging the integration of Instagram for contests and giveaways. Admittedly, most change (especially in the social media world) is met with unnecessary outbursts and still, ends up being for the best, I am just having a hard time standing behind this one. The simplicity of Instagram was the main appeal for me, and from a marketing standpoint, I am not sure how the simple platform integrating this feature is going to benefit businesses without first complicating things. But hey, maybe i’m just bitter that it is one more aspect I have to utilize for clients.

Is your company going to integrate the PM feature on Instagram? How do you see this benefiting your business?



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