The Shortest, Easiest Recipe to Ever Exist in the History of the Universe: Vegetable Quiche



If I had to choose a favorite food group, I’d choose vegetables. I don’t know if that’s even considered a food group, but it is a group of food and hence, whatever.

I love vegetables so very much that it pains me when they go bad. I feel this deep guilt that I bought this organic miracle and didn’t even have the decency to use it. How dare I?? But April was a sad month for cooking in my home; I was out of town three weekends and thus, had to say goodbye to an onion and mushrooms. I vowed for this to never occur again last week at Sprouts, as I purchased a package of pie crusts. Pie crusts, you ask? Pie crusts. Why? To make quiche, of course!

Quiches don’t really need a recipe. They’re simply a pie crust, scrambled eggs, and whatever you see fit to add. I had tomatoes, onions, arugula, squash and some feta about to go bad so in a quick dash, I assembled my crust, mixed in some veggie goodness…

I also added green olives, because I love them and felt like it, proving that truly, anything goes great in a quiche.


Bake at 350 for an hr, or until the eggs set!




What are your go-to quiches?


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