Googles Loses Out to Bing, 2:1 ?


Remember Ask Jeeves? Or Microsoft Live Search? Or anything before Google? Ya.. me either.

Google is undoubtedly integrated in our lives, in our vocabularly, but is it here to stay? The underdog -although, I say that loosely as really anything that is an underdog when compared to google is still in the presence of search engine greatness – Bing, recently unleashed a new marketing campaign where users have surprisingly picked Bing to Google, 2:1.

The Bing it On campaign (ya, they went there) began by giving 1000 common folks a blind search engine test where they typed a common term into a search box and then choose which results they prefered. The results were surprsing, and left me feeling a bit like they’d mocked my all knowing grandmother.

“Relevancy of search results is the No. 1 driver of search engine preference, and independent research shows that people chose Bing’s Web search results over Google’s nearly 2-to-1,” according to Mike Nichols, corporate vice president and chief marketing officer of Bing.

As someone who works in the field of search engine optimization, I was very intrigued by the results, but even more defensive of Google. Google is no longer a company, a brand – it’s a verb, it’s a part of every day conversation. Who were these 1000 idiots? How could they chose Bing? Where they bribed? (I watched the video; if so, it wasn’t evident from the footage)

In a brilliant move that was somewhat revealing of Microsofts anticipation of the public’s absolute devotion to Google, they went one step further and launched where anyone can take the survey. Turns out I was one of the bribed idiots. My results sadly were that I picked Google once, Bing 3x, and one tie. Admittedly at times I could tell which search engine was being represented where, I always answered correctly and in all honestly, found Bing to be a bit less cluttered.

What does this mean? Will I not name my next dog Google? Can Bing/Microsoft really take over Google, or is Google too far integrated in our society to be messed with?

Take the Survey, and let me know your thoughts!


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