(Almost-True-Food) Kale Salad Deliciousness

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I knew Kale was a vegetable long before it became a popular superfood. It wasn’t because I have a keen ear for upcoming trends (although, I do) and it wasn’t because my mother lives solely off of leafy greens (she may be a rabbit). No, it was because my brothers name is Cale (with a C!) and we used to tease him about his leafy-vegetable name sake.

The best thing about Kale becoming so trendy is that my brother couldn’t be more not into the spotlight. The kid won’t even get a Facebook. And now, he’s trending on dinner plates everywhere.

And just like my brother, this salad is pungent, elusive, and just all around amazing 🙂 It’s also ridiculously easy to make despite it’s powerful flavors! This version is my attempt at the “all-hail” True Food kale salad. It’s close. Damn close, and way less expensive.



High quality olive oil

Chicken, tofu, quinoa (or any of these proteins, or two! I like tofu & quinoa)

Black Kale



Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes

Wash & dry kale. Place in a bowl, drizzle generously with olive oil.

Half lemon and squeeze, cut size up to catch the seeds. Squeeze into a cup to ensure no seeds. Pour over kale. Stir in desired amount of red pepper flakes. Allow to sit for as long as possible! The citrus cooks the kale, and the longer it sits the more malleable it gets.


Tofu: Stir-fry tofu w any seasonings (I like low sodium soy and garlic) until crispy. Serve over kale.

Chicken: Salt and pepper both sides of chicken. Place on grill or hot pan.

Quinoa: Cook according to package instructions. Once all the water is evaporated, lightly toast. Salt, pepper, mix in with kale.

Lastly, lightly toast shredded Parmesan in a hot pan. Serve on top of kale & chosen protein!



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