My Method to Creating the Quintessential Recipe


I suppose since I came from a family that didn’t cook, my method is merely the modern version of being taught your grandma’s sisters cousin-from-before-the-war’s, recipe. Never having a person I could call to ask the difference between baking powder and soda has basically turned Bravo, Food Network, and google into my grandmother.

I’ve discovered I look for three things when looking for new recipes:

1. Unique twist on a classic
2. Not too easy… Yet, not too difficult
3. Bright colors, easy presentation

And of course, once you find one recipe fitting these criteria (usually through NY Times, Martha Stewart, or the Food Network sites) you’ll be missing an ingredient. Or it’ll be too intimidating. Or, you’ll find 3 more recipes that are equally amazing.

And then the inner battle begins. It’s as though there are two Bubbes arguing over whether floating or sinker matzo
balls are better (floater). Only, it’s national television.

The method I’ve evolved to has been a distinct collaboration on all of these recipes to yield something all my own; a unique perspective on a classic. And that’s why my measurements are usually not distinct, my recipes changeable for the crowd. That’s why the amazing green chili cheese egg bake (recipe on following entry) kicks ass. It’s a collaboration of all the bad ass egg bakes I’ve found online. As are all my recipes. So hopefully, I’ve been able to take the guess work out of finding the right recipes and given you the confidence that as long as you know the basics required for each recipe, really, the adaptations are all up to you!

Happy Cooking!


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