The Best Summer Party Ever: What I Learned


The conclusion of the best summer party ever thrown..

So, what did I learn? I learned that using the .99 store as your sole location for party decorations is doable. I learned that one should not opt for 2 bags of .99 mini plastic shot glasses. I learned that you can close vents to change the air flow and almost sufficiently air condition your entire house. I learned that people will surprise you, with both appetites & friendship, and that no one is ever too old for a slip ‘n slide.

And with that, I conclude the best summer party ever menu.

Watermelon Feta, Mint Salad (pictured above)

Chopped, or whole watermelon

Chopped feta


Chop watermelon, add to bowl

Add small handful of feta

Chop mint and add 1 to 2 tablespoons

Serve chilled!

Whole Wheat Pasta w Cherry Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Basil

1 large box whole wheat pasta (I used rigatoni)

Fresh basil

Good olive oil

Salt, Pepper, Red pepper (optional)

Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh Mozzarella (small balls are ideal but anything goes.. The fresher, the better)

Cook pasta, drain.

While cooking, half cherry tomatoes and chop mozzarella if necessary

Toss tomatoes, mozzarella w pasta.

Liberally add olive oil. Add salt, pepper and red pepper if using.

Add chopped basil.

Toss & Serve, while obnoxiously reminding people it’s whole wheat pasta.


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