Pinterest: Not just a pretty picture.. Or, maybe just a pretty picture.


Now, I’m just as memorized (read: obsessed) with Pinterest as the next girl, but I must admit to being a bit daunted by the site. An endless array of amazing DIY projects is my absolute dream, but everything is just so pretty that I couldn’t help but be a bit intimidated. Nonetheless, when I stepped up to do the centerpieces for my sister’s bridal shower, I reluctantly knew the place with all the answers was the same place I spent my evenings..

2nd on my obsession list is mason jars. They’re cheap and they have that inudstrial, multi-use element that is essential if you’re completely spacey like me.

When searching pinterest for mason jar centerpieces, lots of options come up, but my favorite were the large mason jars filled with halfed lemons, topped off with bright flowers. I was slightly less than terrified to try this out (years spent working in bars, chopping lemons have left me a bit apprehensive) but it actually wasn’t tough!


Two Bags of Lemons
8 Mason Jars
Random assortment of bright flowers
First, half the lemons and put four halfs in the bottom of each jar, leaving a hole in the center (remember, flowers are going in there!)
then use both sliced lemons and halves to fill up the jar, leaving a hole in the center
don’t top with water until you get flowers
-i used random bright colors, mostly purples because I love the yellow/purple look-

Best part about these is that not only do you get the bright floral scent, but you get the lemon zest smell as well!

To create the rest of this look, we did simple appetizers arranged like so.. The letters I used were simple white cut outs from Michaels; I added scrapbook decorations meant for wedding scrap books – really easy, inexpensive, and cute!)What I learned: don’t be daunted by Pinterest, it’s possible for those pretty pictures to become a reality.


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